Introducing Vitaclay
The Smart Organic Multi-Cooker

A Time Honored Tradition with a Modern Twist!

Prepare HEALTHIER, More FLAVORFUL Meals in as 
Little as 30 Minutes!
  • Naturally Non-Stick Unglazed Clay Enhances Flavor and Texture of Food
  • Preserves Nutrients, Enzymes, and Vitamins in Your Food
  • Safer Cooking - Lead, Aluminum, and Toxin Free
  • Cooks 4X Faster Than A Conventional Slow Cooker
  • Simply Toss In All Ingredients and Press the Buttons!
  • Cook, Serve, and Store All In One Pot!
Perfect For Busy People on the Go!
Now You Can Cook Foods in HALF the Time!
Enjoy the Rich Flavors of Clay Cooking With the Convenience of a Fast Slow Cooker!
The Vitaclay Difference
All Natural, Unglazed PureClay Cooks to Perfection.

Vitaclay uses a traditional, unglazed clay pot to enhance flavors naturally with a push of a button. 

All-natural clay has been used for thousands of years as the perfect cooking medium, delivering the earthy flavors, textures, and nutrients that are unparalleled in other cooking materials. 

Using synergistic cooking technology, Vitaclay heats foods from all sides creating a steam bath. Foods simmer in their own natural juices, while the clay pot sits in an air tight thermal chamber allowing cooking temperature to remain consistent. The dual lid design prevents evaporation, sealing in essential vitamins and nutrients for your good health! 

And...with our
delay feature, you will never lose sleep over cooking a meal.
Simply Add In All Ingredients and Push a Button! 
 Now You Can Prepare Tasty Meals as Easy as 1,2,3!
Simply Add Your Ingredients to the Clay Pot
Place the Clay Pot into the Computerized Base
and Press the Button!

Now Cook All of Your Favorite Meals Faster Using Only ONE VitaClay Smart Multi-Cooker!
Customers Love VitaClay - And So Will You!
I gradually lost 25 pounds from April to September and have kept the weight off. The key to my weight loss and health transformation was using the Vitaclay. In addition to the weight loss, I have also stopped taking my stomach meds and I believe its because of delicious and healthy food I eat now prepared in the Vitaclay.  

–Tony K.
I love this rice cooker so much that I bought it for several family members for Christmas. It is so great to not have to worry about the non-stick coating found on almost all other rice cookers. Clean up is super easy...if stuff gets stuck to it, let it soak with water and it's easy to get clean. I LOVE it!!!

–E. Maynard
Like any physician, when I am working in the O.R. I need the right tools to get the job done. And as a chef, when I operate in the kitchen, the same golden rule applies. That’s why my VitaClay is always close at hand whenever I am crafting delicious, but nutritious meals. 

Dr. Mike Fenster, MD
Easy Healthy Meals For the WHOLE FAMILY
in as Quick as 30 Minutes!

Set it and Go! The SMARTER Way to Prepare HEALTHIER More DELICIOUS Meals in as Little as 30 Minutes!
•  Lead-Free, Aluminum-Free, Non-Stick                 Chemical Free 
•  Cook 4x Faster Than the 
   Conventional Slow Cooker 
•  Easy Button Controls 
•  Enhanced Flavors and Nutrition
•  Delay timer, auto warm, your hot meal is           ready when you are!
Only 3 Easy Payments of $39.99!